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StilFresh was born out of a pressing need to participate in the changing narrative of Africa. For so long, Africa has been the dark continent where nothing works. At StilFresh, we provide international standard recovery services across all regions of the continent. With our promise to train, employ and retain majority of our staff from the continent, we are best placed to cater for your marine cargo claims needs.


CEO & Managing Director

We handle recovery actions across all means of transport and other areas:


We handle recovery actions on road accidents, thefts including hijacks.*


We handle claims arising from or in connection with carriage of goods by sea.


We obtain compensation for damage to light weight, high value cargo transported by air.


Clear Pricing

No cure no pay for manual recoveries or annual subscription to our online platform.

Market Trends

HANGOUT with us or read our NEWS feed for market updates.

Surveyor Ratings

Appoint a surveyor in Africa through our platform and rate their services.

Lean Processes

Reduce duplicity of roles and increase productivity by using StilFresh platform.

Staff Management

Measure staff performance through our platform.

Manual Recoveries

Locally qualified staff with international approach on recoveries.

Key Performance Indicators

Targeted Recovery Percentage
Target Turnaround Time (months)
Average case distribution per client
Percentage of Bilingual Staff


Do you handle only perishable cargo claims recoveries?

No! While a significant portion of our portfolio is perishables, we also provide excellent results on other types of cargo.

Do you provide services only in Africa?

As an African company, focusing on Africa gives us a competitive advantage. However, marine insurance and maritime law are global in nature. As such, we are also assisting some of our clients who happen to sit outside Africa or trade in other parts of the world.

Are you hiring?

We are always on a lookout for talent. We are committed to contributing to the continent through training, employment and retention. Visit www.stilfreshfoundation.org for more information on this.

We deliver on our promises. Our clients think so too!

Do you need help with an insured or uninsured loss?

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