Careers at StilFresh

We are committed to employing 50% and more of our staff from developing communities across Africa.

At StilFresh, we aim to challenge the stereotype. We believe that the only difference between youth across the continent and those from around the world is Opportunity. As such, StilFresh is creating a platform for you to break your stereotype, a platform for you to showcase your talent to the world while making Africa a better place.


As human-beings, we all want to be cared for. Companies are generally a collection of humans. As such, we believe that caring for our staff and clients will not only make us a better company but better humans.


Who are you when no one is watching? We have challenged ourselves to always be our best versions even when we feel we are alone. It just makes interacting with others much easier. So we will tell the truth, even when it hurts.

perks and benefits

As a young and ambitious company, every member of the team has a very important role to play. From our employment style, you will realise that you get real and meaningful work from the get go. You will be exposed to senior management of multinational companies around the world and your advice will matter.

As such, we invest a lot of time and resources to ensure that you are well equipped.

We have a very good bonus policy modelled after that of John Lewis Plc which ensures that every team member gets compensated for the extra work they put in.

open positions
job posting title location department date
Junior Accountant Feu Rouge Bessengue, Douala Accounts March 18, 2020
Digital Marketer Feu Rouge Bessengue, Douala Marketing Feb 28, 2020
Claims Admin Feu Rouge Bessengue, Douala Claims Ongoing
why work at StilFresh?

What growth path do you have for me as a junior staff?

The beauty of small and ambitious companies is that as a new hire, you are assigned meaningful work from day one. You will be involved in key decision making processes and will learn the business quickly.

How well will I be paid and what other benefits will I have?

We are definitely not the best paying company in the country. However, we have  very competitive pay scales and we ensure that you get a great work-life balance. We are a forward-looking company with flexible working arrangements. Our bonus policy is modelled on that of a reputable company in the UK which ensures every staff feels real ownership of our collective success.

Are you hiring?

Glad you asked! We are always on a lookout for quality talent on the continent. So if you feel connected to any of the things we stand for, we will like to hear from you. Send a cover letter and cv to