Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Do I have to post all claims documents to you?

No! We work completely paperless. So regardless of where you are in the world, send us an email with the relevant documents and we will handle the rest.

Do you work in any other languages other than English?

All claims handlers at StilFresh speak at least two languages. We have arrangements with professional translators in languages which are foreign to us.

Do you handle claims outside Africa?

Yes we do. We currently have clients in Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom. We are specialists in maritime and marine insurance laws.

What is your case turnaround time?

We have set ourselves a target of three months within which to give you a definite opinion as to the possible outcome of a case. This way, you do not have to keep your books longer than necessary.

Do you handle Captives?

Yes we do. Look at our range of clients on our home page.

Do you have a Lloyds Open Cover?

No we do not. However, with our network in the London market, we source guaranty and security for our clients at very affordable rates.

Do you do surveys?

Not at the moment no. We believe that we can best protect your interest by being completely independent. However, through our platform, you can appoint surveyors in Africa. The benefit of this is that you can rate their services and also remove the middleman which is generally the cause of high survey fees.

Do you handle hull claims?

Yes but not extensively. We would welcome the challenge to look at your hull claims.

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