Cargo claims remain the most frequent claim category according to recent statistics by leading P&I Clubs.  

Given the perishable nature of fruits and related produce, ensuring that they reach consignee in good condition is not always straight forward. As such, we see a good number of claims from reefer cargos.

During the Fruit Logistica 2018, we met with some exporters from Africa in Berlin. Speaking with them informed us of some of the challenges they are facing. From lack of connecting flights for exporters from Rwanda to low value claims from Mauritius; lack of adequate insurance products covering the risks related to perishable produce in Ghana to early harvest of avocados in Kenya, from shortened shelf life in Egypt to extended transit times and invoice payment delays in Tanzania.

In our experience as experts in perishable cargo claim recoveries, we see temperature fluctuation and delays in transit to be the most recurrent causes of loss to shippers and growers of fresh produce. During this FREE 30min claims consultation with our managing director, we will address issues like what are the duties of a carrier when it comes to transporting temperature sensitive cargo. Many of our clients ignore to read the fine print behind a bill of lading and in the unfortunate event of damage to their cargo, they are left in dismay when the carrier points to the exclusions buried in those terms and conditions. It would be worth looking at them and talking about the applicable international conventions and how the courts interpret them to determine a carriers liability or lack thereof.

We look forward to having another great session with you guys. So travel safe and book your slot here. We cannot guarantee space for everyone so the earlier to make your appointment the better.

StilFresh Team