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Reefer Cargo Claims

Whether you are trading in fresh fruits, frozen fish, pharmaceuticals or simply dairy products, it is likelier than not that you will use a reefer container to ship your goods around the world.

The recent global pandemic has seen a significant demand in fruits and vegetables across the world. For fruit exporters and other traders in perishable produce, this means an increase damaged cargo. The main cause of this damage these days is delay in transit. Often, this is accompanied by a variation in the instructed carriage temperature.

As an insurer of or a trader in perishable produce, you want to be ready for when damage occurs in transit, your chances of a successful cargo claim reduces with the passage of time.

We have put together a brochure to highlight the challenges involved together with some tips on how you can best protect yourself.


Download our Reefer Cargo Claims brochure below.

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