Whether you are trading in fresh fruits, frozen fish, pharmaceuticals or simply dairy products, it is likelier than not that you will use a reefer container to ship your goods around the world.

Last week we spent time with several fruit exporters around the world in Berlin during the Fruit Logistica 2019. We took the opportunity to have short discussions with exporters from Africa who had questions or challenges relating to damage to their cargo in transit. In the main, their concerns related to how to be adequately prepared in the event of delay or temperature fluctuation in transit.

In 2018, we had similar conversations but then it was focused on unpaid invoices after cargo delivery mainly in Europe. While we handle cases related to all types of cargo, we have created a dedicated portal to share information with you on how you can protect your bottom line by preventive actions but also reactive ones.

Visit our dedicated portal here https://stilfresh.co.uk/showcase/reefer-cargo-claims/