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Sea Claims

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65% or more of our portfolio consists of sea claims. We have developed relationships with carriers and their P&I Clubs which has helped expedite claims resolution or in some cases, obtaining LOU’s without the need for legal actions.

Containerised Cargo

Container claims remain arguably the most frequent claims P&I Clubs have reported to deal with. From insufficient lashing ship side to improper stowage shore side. Whatever the cause of damage to your cargo, we can help you mitigate your losses. In cases where we cannot recover, we will advise you well in advance so you do not have to keep your books open for longer than necessary.

Bulk Cargo

Of all the possible causes of damage to bulk cargo, three stand out:

  • Wet damage
  • Shortage and
  • Contamination

We have dealt extensively with grains claims in West Africa taking advantage of the local laws to put pressure to bear on carriers. If you have suffered loss of any kind, contact us early enough while the facts are still fresh.

Delay in Transit

Generally, Bills of Lading contain clauses which hold carriers harmless for delays in transit. As many of them sit in Hague and Hague Visby jurisdictions (delay is not mentioned in these conventions), claiming for such losses can appear difficult. Given our experience in COGSA UK, US and SA we are able protect your interests in such cases. For many African countries who are signatories to Hamburg Rules, we have had outstanding results dealing with delay claims.

Reefer Cargo

Fruits and vegetable; frozen fish and dairy products; pharmaceuticals and poultry are some of the types of cargo we have dealt with. Our intimate understanding of reefers and how they function helps us interpret temperature recorders (where available) and temptales to the benefit of our clients. We are conversant with the export and import requirements of governmental bodies such as USDA, PPECB and SENASA. We have also had some successes in steri-failure claims from South Africa to countries like China and Taiwan.

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