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A significant portion of primary products are exported from Africa every year. Africa is also a huge importer of finished products from other parts of the world. Unfortunately, insurance penetration still remains very low across the continent creating a need for aggressive subrogation recovery.

As such, we have designed our subrogation recovery services to cater for big multinational corporates but also for individuals. Our mission is to help improve subrogation recovery results for all those who engage in international trade in or with Africa – big or small.

subrogation recovery services

Land Claims

Land claims include all types of claims arising on land.

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subrogation recovery

Sea Claims

From delay to shortages and containerised cargo claims, we handle them on your behalf.

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air claims subrogation recovery

Air claims

We handle air claims under all applicable conventions.

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Oil & Gas Claims

We defend or reduce demurrage claims against oil and gas companies in Africa.

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salvage claim and subrogation recovery

GA & Salvage Claims

The StilFresh General Average and Salvage service is a much welcomed news in Africa.

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subrogation recovery, risk management

Risk Management

We identify trends in your accounts and advise on how best to minimise risk.

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subrogation recovery

Seminars and Workshops

Through our Foundation, we are committed to sharing knowledge across the continent.

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