Risk Management

Preemptive Advice

Dealing with thousands of recovery cases in Africa and around the world has given us an insight to many business practices globally. Combined with our legal background, we regularly advise our clients on some of the best practices which could help prevent future losses. This forms the basis of our risk management services.

What is more, we do not charge our clients for this service. We meet regularly with clients to discuss accounts with high loss ratios and advise on how to improve such accounts through small shifts in behaviour.

Trend Identification

Each claims handler at StilFresh handles a significant number of cases at any given time. During our weekly meetings, we discuss recurrent causes of damage on some of the big accounts we deal with. Once we are satisfied there is a pattern, we communicate this to our clients and advise them on possible solutions as part of our risk management services.

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Closed File Review

We are aware of the prescription periods (time bar) under all the applicable conventions and local laws which are relevant to our clients. As such, we encourage our clients to invite us to review files that have been closed with no successful recovery. Since we started this exercise, we have saved a significant amount of money for one of our clients in Cameroon.