Meet Yves Pangop, claims handler at StilFresh. He handles marine cargo claims (containerized and perishable cargo), inland cargo claims and air cargo claims. He had an interview with Nkomglah Kelly, our digital marketer, where he talked about his experience and achievements.



Question: Tell us a bit about yourself before you joined StilFresh?
Answer: My name is Yves Pangop, I grew up in Cameroon in the city of Douala where I attended primary and secondary school. I acquired my LLB in Law in the year 2014 at the University of Buea and in 2019, I had my LLM in Maritime Law in Douala.

I am very helpful, passionate and I pull leadership qualities in any domain I’m good at.


Question: What is your earliest experience with ships?
Answer: My earliest experience with ships was handling a claim for StilFresh on multimodal transport which I recovered many funds for the client in a period of 3months and I was so fulfilled.  


Question: So how did you become involved or interested in this industry? Was it from university?
Answer: Yes! It was in the university during my first year in masters where my lecturer talked about the shipping industry with a lot of enthusiasm and I was like wow this could be interesting so I decided to join the industry.

Question: What is the most interesting part of your career?
Answer: The most interesting part of my career is conducting research, understanding each document provided by the client, and undergoing claims calculations and negotiations.


Question: Since joining StilFresh 4 years ago, what are some of the most interesting cases you have worked on?
Answer: The most interesting cases I have worked on are those of sea claims, precisely #perishablecargo.


Question: Who are the types of clients you work with? 
Answer: I work with insurance companies, importers, exporters, shipping firms, private individuals, and fruit growers.


Question: Why do you think they use the services of StilFresh and not the others?
Answer: At StilFresh, we believe that being careful and honest in any claim we handle improves clients’ loyalty and trust, which are our values. Also, we have experience with different types of countries in Africa and we bear all the risk for the client until the claim is finally settled. We have equally settled a good number of claims in Africa which have enabled us to acquire experience such that the interests of our clients are safeguarded at various levels.


Question: As an experienced cargo claims handler focused on the African continent, what would be your advice to younger people seeking to enter the industry?
Answer: Belief in your dreams! The claims recovery industry is a good way to connect with different characters and help people sustain their businesses.


Question: Looking back 4 years, would you say you made the right decision?
Answer: Yes of course! The industry has given me the exposure I didn’t think I will ever be exposed to. I have learned from the continued research and I derive joy doing my job.


Question: What do you hope to achieve in the coming 4 years?
Answer: I want to excel at my job as a claims handler 



Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Congratulations Yves on your achievements and all the best with your career and future growth.